A Dream Bathroom by Eco

Experts will commonly point out that there are two rooms that make the most positive of impacts upon either a buyer or seller. Time and again research has shown that the rooms buyers most closely judge are the kitchen and bathrooms, especially the master bath. These interior spaces are where the greatest added value can be assured for a sale, so they must impress!

Here at Eco our focus is on one particular buyer “hot spot”, one that can awe and inspire a potential buyer and contribute greatly to the overall value and enjoyment of your home. A stunning bath can charm, impress and inspire and a beautiful upgrade like a Eco vanity is a marvelous case in point.

Certainly the added value of a high quality Eco vanity can be considered a wise investment for any home, but beyond that is the simple enjoyment you can have while luxuriating in your own bath sanctuary. Imagine feasting your eyes daily on a beautiful spa-like escape that is your own bath oasis! With Eco you can and for a price that might surprise you.

There are no touches that will enhance more than a new bathroom vanity. It will often be the first thing you or your guests will see in an impressive bathroom and an outstanding vanity can beautifully redefine a run-of-the-mill bathroom into a showplace for your home.

Should budget considerations be a concern, you are in luck with Eco! The key to any bathroom redo is the clever utilization of the existing space. One can save significant money by utilizing as much of the existing bathroom as possible. A quick update of the vanity can work wonders and instantly upgrade the space with an impressive and refreshed ambience. The good news is that by taking advantage of the quality, style and unparalleled workmanship of Eco you can have your dream bath for a surprisingly reasonable price.

Eco was established in 2010 and is located at 1055 Centennial Ave, Piscataway,NJ 08854 Our commitment is to provide the very best in service and the highest quality bathroom vanity product for the lowest prices possible. We aspire to this goal fully knowing that the East Cost  American market demands the very best. High quality and beautiful vanities are our main focus and we strive to build both trust and a friendly rapport with our valued customers.

We know that word-of-mouth is the best way to encourage business, so we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction with such benefits as free replacement should vanities be broken during shipping or installation. And the bathroom products we create and sell are eco-friendly certified by Cupc & WaterSense. We also offer free design advice for all our clients’ customized vanities.

See for yourself how Eco can help you to create your very own dream bath by visiting us at

Don’t put off turning your dreams into reality. Get in touch with us today for an amazing bathroom tomorrow!

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