Provence 12" x 24" Pre Scored Tile

Product Description

Series: Provence ( Pre Scored Tile Series ) 

Colors:  1) White  2) Blue 3) Aquamarine 

Size: 12" x 24" : Packaging: 11.36 Sq/Ft = 6 Pieces/Box

Pre Scored:  Tile has appearence of 6" x 6" Format with a Grout Joint Pre score, so that you may easily install the tile in appearence of 6"x6" Format but in ease of installation of 12"x24" Tile. You can also Grout the Pre Score Joints inany color of the grout desired. Giving the Installation a complete look of Small format tile 

Material: Ceramic

Finish: Linen Matt 

Edge Finish: Pressed Edge 

Origin: Spain

Application: Walls 

Commercial Use: Yes